Synchromesh 2011 Riesling Storm Haven Vineyard Wins Lieutenant Governor Award!!

We Won!!! 2011 Synchromesh Storm Haven Riesling was selected as one of 12 winners for a Lieutenant Governors Award for Excellence! Over 400 wines were in the competition and our Riesling was the only one of the winners selected by every judge.

We are super proud to say the least. John Schreiner sums up the results and competition details well in his post here:

We sadly are sold out of the 2011 and the since released 2012 but have plenty of our second Riesling ‘Thorny Vines Vineyard’ available to tide you over until the next release.

As you can see, Morris is very proud to be tending award winning vines!

2013-05-16 13.12.48

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