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Thank you for thinking of us! The Wine Club is the best and at times ONLY opportunity to acquire our smaller production wines. Whether you choose the 'All Riesling' or you choose to Mix and Match your own package you will get a selection of our most sought after wines. The contents may change slightly year to year but will always include first access to our best offerings. We look forward to having you part of the club!
In addition to making sure you get the wines you like, wine club members will also save money on all additional wine purchases.  When you order more of any of our wines you will receive the wine club member discount of 15%. Shipping is always free for members, 6 bottle minimum. We reserve the right to choose the carrier based on location. 

*please do note: wine club memberships automatically renew and shipments will processed and send end of March/early April. We request at least 1 full year wherein the renewal will take place unless otherwise instructed* 

The Wines of Storm Haven

October Release


As our home vineyard, Storm Haven, starts to come into production there will a focus on this unique property and a range of small lot, unique wines reflective of its grape and location. These wines will be a collection of the rarest, most unique and hard to get of our wines and an even more dialed-in example of what potential Riesling (and Cab Franc) have on this incredible piece of land we are lucky to steward. 

Storm Haven Small Lot selections QUANTITY COST
Storm Haven Wines

A selection of new releases from the Storm Haven Vineyard. These are extremely limited and rare wines.

Quantity: six Bottles Cost: $299.99

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$299 depending on release $299 depending on release

Riesling Pack

Next shipment will be end of March!


This case contains a selection of each of our single vineyard Rieslings. No other grape can tell the story of their exact piece of land quite like Riesling can. These are wines that you can age for many, many years but can also be enjoyed now. How awesome is Riesling, really? Looking forward to sharing the upcoming and highly regarded 2021 vintage. 

The (powered by) Riesling Pack QUANTITY COST
Mixed Rieslings

A mix of new vintage single vineyard Rieslings. Coming up for 2021 expect 3 bottles each of the Thorny Vines, Long's View and the new 'Gully and Terrace' Vineyard Rieslings along with the extra rare 'White Label' Storm Haven Vineyard. Full price is $336 plus tax, so please note price quoted is with discount pre-tax.

Quantity: twelve Bottles Cost: $285.00

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Please note, we can only ship within Canada.

Price does not include taxes Price does not include taxes

Mix and Match Pack

Next shipments going out end March! (but if you want it now, let us know)


Mix and Match your own 12-pack of our limited and exclusive wines. 

Make your own magic with the 'Mix and Match' Pack COST SELECTION
2018 Turtle Rock Farms 'Tertre Rouge' $28.00
2017 Turtle Rock Farms Cabernet Franc $50.00
2018 Storm Haven Vineyard 'Black Label' Pinot Noir

released in the fall, but there is no 2019 vintage, so get this while you can.

2018 Cachola Family Cabernet Franc

This is the last vintage of this wine, released last year but some left now so get it while you can.

Storm Haven 2020 Vintage Blue Label Release box $299.99
2020 Storm Haven Vineyard 'Blue Label' Pinot Noir

Pinot at its finest!

2020 Storm Haven Vineyard 'Blue Label' Cabernet Franc $50.00
2020 Storm Haven Vineyard Gibson/Block 3 'Blue Label' Riesling $50.00
2020 Storm Haven Vineyard Gold Digger Block 'Blue Label' Riesling

Debut release of the Gold Digger block!

2020 Storm Haven Vineyard Boulder Block 'Blue Label' Riesling

Debut vintage!

2020 Storm Haven Vineyard DRY 'Blue Label' Riesling $50.00

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Please note, we can only ship within Canada.

Price does not include taxes or shipping. Price does not include taxes or shipping.