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Vineyards of Synchromesh

Our vineyards are located throughout the Okanagan Valley at specially chosen locations. The unique characteristics of each of ours wines is the result of the specific location and terroir of the vineyard it has been grown. Read below to learn the full story of each vineyard.

Synchromesh Wines

Storm Haven Vineyard

Okanagan Falls, BC

Storm Haven Vineyard is the 107 acre home and heart of Synchromesh. With large elevation changes and varying geology, we are able to explore very different expressions of Riesling and Cabernet Franc from each block. Farmed without synthetics or chemicals and following a holistic approach, we strive to grow our vines within the existing ecosystem rather than manipulating it. All this is supported by a 70 acre sanctuary to protect the sensitive habitat that calls our property home.

Our estate property is centered around the base of Peach Cliff mountain, a 50 million year old volcanic structure and along the Okanagan Fault Line. With a peak of over 2,000 feet and the lowest area at 1,300 feet, this site has incredible range in geology and elevation. Soil structure ranges from clay loam on the Eastern borders to sandy loam on the Southwest. Decomposing granite and large quartz deposits make up the majority of the planted area with high levels of slate and metallic deposits surrounding the fault line ridge.

The influence of soil structure, large rock formations, elevation and exposure have allowed small planting blocks of different varieties that are suited to the unique conditions in each area. We have a total of 21 acres planted to vines, each block individually fenced and developed to help keep the majority of the property accessible and protected for wildlife habitat and conservation efforts. We are undergoing habitat assessments and working with local wildlife organizations to maintain and protect the undeveloped land as a sanctuary and host to the biodiversity needed to farm in the holistic manner that we do.

Total plantings by variety:
Riesling | Clone 21B, Both own-rooted and 3309 rootstock | 8 Blocks, planted 2006, 2010, 2012, 2017 and 2019 | 15.37 acres
Cabernet Franc | Clones 214 and 332, own rooted | 2 Blocks, planted 2017 and 2019 | 4.08 acres
Pinot Noir | Clones 828, 115, 114, 667, 777, 3309 rootstock | 2 Blocks, planted 2010 and 2014 | 1.33 acres
Cinsault | own-rooted | 1 block, planted 2019 | 0.33 acres

Synchromesh Wines

Thorny Vines Vineyard

Naramata Bench, Penticton, BC

The Thorny Vines property is a 2 acre site located on the southern end of the Naramata Bench, immediately north of Penticton, surrounded by established orchards and vineyards. Benefitting from the moderating effects of Okanagan Lake, this cooler north facing vineyard slopes gently towards the northwest and enjoys good drainage, as well as providing consistent ripening with good acid retention.

The vineyard consists entirely of German clone 21B vines all planted in 2010 that are hand farmed by the enthusiastic family owners using sustainable farming practices. Sections of the property were previously planted as an apple orchard, and soil conditions vary somewhat from the richer soils on the west side of the property to the more sandy soils of the east side of the property. This reflects in the variety of flavours in the well-balanced wine of our first vintage (2012) from the site.

Despite the young age of the vines, the quality of fruit and consistency of crop levels, berry size and cluster structure are encouraging. The main focus in the vineyard is restraining growth vigour and challenging the vines sufficiently to produce the intensity of flavour that we would like to achieve, and that we think the site is capable of achieving.

Synchromesh Wines

Turtlerock Farms Vineyard

Naramata Bench, Penticton, BC

Turtlerock Farms Vineyard lies on the upper side of Naramata Road half way between Penticton and the Village of Naramata. The land is on the upper side of the ancient lakefront from prehistoric times. There are two separate plantings divided by the driveway into two approximately equal pieces. The lower half is the home to Cabernet Franc and the upper side to Merlot. The vineyard has a west facing aspect looking across the lake to Giant’s Head in Summerland. Both plantings are cropped fairly low in order to ensure top quality each year with the given vintage conditions.

The Terroir – The Naramata Bench is quite unique. Lying on the east side of Okanagan Lake and on the downslope of the eastern ridge of mountains the late afternoon is a time of cooling breezes. But lest you think it is too cool for the development of great reds, the region benefits from what we like to call “two suns”. In addition to the normal sun, there is the second sun, which consists of the reflection of the sun off the waters of the lake. This effect is most pronounced between about 3pm and sunset when it is very easy to feel the reflected sunlight off the water. This “two suns” effect allows the plants to continue to carry on photosynthesis at a much higher rate than would otherwise be available only from the incident sun, and offsets the cooling breezes to produce an almost perfect growing condition during the three months of June, July and August. Before and after that time, the sun is too far in the south to have a significant effect.

Synchromesh Wines

Long's View Vineyard

Naramata Bench, Penticton, BC

One of the northern most vineyards on the Naramata Bench, this 3.5 acre property consists of own-rooted Riesling 21B. Cooler outflows from the mountain to the east retain bracing acidity and freshness to offset the warm, gentle southern exposure. Gravelly loam intermixed with a sand layer and calcium carbonate provides fairly consistent, well-drained alluvial soil structure. Lifelong, third generation Naramata farmer Bob Hancock meticulously planted, established and farmed this vineyard to coax out beautifully balanced ripeness. The vineyard is immediately adjacent to the family farm house and apple orchard he grew up on. Now under the ownership of Charles and Linda Long and stewardship of our family team at Synchromesh, we will work hard to maintain Bob’s legacy and harvest a pure Riesling expression from this site.